Pet-Friendly Airlines: Exploring the Pet Travel Experience with KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Etihad, and Emirates

Pet-Friendly Airlines: Exploring the Pet Travel Experience with KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Etihad, and Emirates

Traveling with pets can often be a complex task, but fortunately, many airlines have recognised the importance of accommodating furry friends. In this article, we will delve into the pet travel policies and services offered by some of the leading pet-friendly airlines, including KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Etihad and Emirates.

1. KLM - Flying with Care

KLM, the flagship carrier of the Netherlands, has established a reputation for its exceptional pet-friendly services. Understanding that pets are cherished family members, KLM offers both in-cabin and cargo options for pets, catering to various sizes and species.

KLM's "KLM Care Team" ensures that pets receive specialised attention throughout the journey. With temperature-controlled and pressurised pet cabins, as well as priority handling, KLM minimises stress and prioritises the well-being of your furry companion. The airline also provides a "Pet Hotel" service for layovers, ensuring pets are well taken care of during transit.

2. Air France - Happy and Healthy Travels

Air France is renowned for prioritising the well-being of pets during travel. They allow pets to travel in the cabin, provided they meet specific size and weight requirements. For larger pets, Air France offers transportation in the cargo hold, collaborating with specialised pet transport companies to ensure a smooth and secure travel experience.

To guarantee pets' comfort and safety, Air France adheres to strict regulations, including proper ventilation and temperature control. They have also established a dedicated pet travel portal, providing guidance on pet-related documentation and regulations at the destination.

3. Turkish Airlines - Wings of Comfort

Turkish Airlines understands the importance of pets as cherished family members. Their comprehensive pet travel program accommodates a wide range of pets, offering in-cabin options for small pets and cargo services for larger animals.

To ensure pets' comfort and well-being, Turkish Airlines provides secure pet crates, temperature-controlled environments, and dedicated check-in counters. Additionally, they have a 24/7 Call Center to address any concerns or queries regarding pet travel. Layovers in Istanbul are made more convenient with the Pet Hotel service offered by the airline.

4. Etihad - Happy Paws in the Skies

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, prioritises a stress-free and comfortable travel experience for pets. They offer both in-cabin and cargo options, accommodating pets of various sizes.

Etihad ensures pet safety by implementing secure pet crates and temperature-controlled environments throughout the journey. Their experienced professionals oversee the handling and care of pets, providing an extra layer of assurance.

5. Emirates - Flying with Furry Companions

Emirates, one of the world's leading airlines, also provides pet-friendly services for passengers traveling with their furry companions. Recognising the bond between humans and pets, Emirates allows pets to travel in the cargo hold, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Emirates requires pet owners to comply with specific documentation and crate requirements to ensure a smooth travel experience. Their trained staff and dedicated facilities prioritise the well-being of pets, making their journey as comfortable as possible.


Thanks to pet-friendly airlines like KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Etihad, and Emirates, traveling with pets has become a more seamless and enjoyable experience. These airlines understand the significance of the bond between humans and their animal companions, going the extra mile to provide comfort, safety, and specialised services.

Before booking your flights, make sure to review each airline's pet travel policies, including size restrictions, documentation requirements, and any additional fees. By choosing a pet-friendly airline, you can embark on your travels with confidence, knowing that your beloved pet is in capable hands throughout the journey. Bon voyage for you and your furry friend!

Last Updated On:
July 28, 2023